Radiator Flush

New antifreeze/coolant keeps the metal parts of the cooling system from corroding which prevents expensive repairs. In other words, changing your antifreeze/coolant at the correct interval is a good investment. Antifreeze/Coolant lowers the freezing point and raises the boiling point of water. It circulates through the engine absorbing the excess heat, preventing rust/corrosion from forming on internal parts and lubricates the water pump.

The Radiator Flush Includes: *

20 Minute Service

  • Should be serviced according to manufacturer’s recommended mileage interval
  • Existing fluid, dirt and contaminants are evacuated from your cooling system
  • Your cooling system is refilled with the required 50/50 mix of premium antifreeze and water
  • All antifreeze meets or exceeds your vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations and is always disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner

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