Differential Service Milwaukee WI

Differential Service

Differential fluid lubricates the gears, bearings and other internal components of the gearbox. The last junction before engine power is transferred to the wheels is in your car’s differential. Whether rear, 4×4 or all-wheel drive, your car’s metal ring and pinion gears are meshing against each other every time your wheels rotate. To ensure that these expensive metal components are well protected, it’s important to have the differential fluid checked and changed at recommended intervals.

The Differential Service Include: *

15 Minute Service

  • All existing fluid, dirt and contaminants are removed from your differential
  • All drain and fill plugs are inspected for damage
  • Your differential is refilled with a premium gear oil that meets or exceeds your manufacturer’s specifications

* Some gearboxes require a specialized fully synthetic fluid. There is an extra charge for the use of synthetic fluid in any gearbox.

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